[ Guide on Reporting Product
Defects and Missing Items for Exchange ]

Defect/Missing Product report can be made
only within 7 days from delivery date.


  1. Record an unboxing video to verify any defects or missing items after delivery
    - All products, including special benefits, must have an unboxing video to be exchanged. 
    - Please include segments in the unboxing video where defects or omissions are identified for smooth resolution. 
    - For album purchases, the version of the album and the quantity of included components must be verified for exchanges to be possible.   
  1. To apply for an exchange, please send the unboxing video along with the completed form below to hellolive SHOP via email (helloliveshop@amond.io)

    * When inquiring through Live Chat, the request will be transferred to the exchange department's email. We appreciate your understanding and kindly request your submission via email.   

  1. Exchange Request Form **Unboxing Video Attachment Mandatory**

    * Please copy and paste the form as it is to promptly proceed with the request.

  • Order Number : 
  • Name : 
  • Ordered Account : ex) hellolive@hellolive.shop 
    * If you ordered as a non-member, please fill out the email address used upon purchase. 
  • Defect/Missing Item Quantity : 
    * Please provide the exact product name and version of the item you purchased for prompt verification. 
    ex) hellolive - Mini 1st Album hellolive SHOP / Version A Missing album / 1ea 
  • Reason for exchange request : 


Exchange requests
without an unboxing video
or with edited videos that are not original
cannot be accepted.


< Required components to include in unboxing video > 
  • Video must be recorded from the moment of product pick up, unboxing the package, and the product in one continuous shot without any editing or pauses 
  • Shipping label must be recorded clearly so that tracking number and shipping address (including recipient’s name) are visible.  
  • It is required to include a recording confirming that there are no cuts on any side of the unopened box (front, back, both sides). 
  • If the shipping label or box tape is damaged, exchange requests will not be accepted. 



[ Guidelines for Photocard Exchange ] 


** Conditions Eligible for Exchange 

If it is determined that the value of the product has been compromised since there are visible stains, smudges, dents, scratches, or any damage larger than 5mm on the artist's face without reflections


** Conditions Not Eligible for Exchange 

Slight color or size differences

Minor defects such as stains, smudges, dents, or scratches on the back of the photocard, 

Fine scratches inevitably occur due to the nature of the material, such as fine scratches, scratches, and dust marks on parts such as body or background, excluding the face of the artist. 

*The exchange of the requested item may be challenging depending on the inventory situation.



Due to the recent increase
in fraudulent exchange cases related to recent purchases,
the procedures have unavoidably been strengthened. 
We appreciate your understanding. 

Worldwide shipping

If your country is not listed, please inform us so we can include it in our shipping destinations.